Amanda has a wealth of knowledge on recipes that are suitable for your diet requirements.  She has lots of handy tips to make life easier and healthier. She has shown me that cutting out certain foods needn’t be overwhelming. Her passion for healthy eating is inspirational.

EW, Oxon

Your recipes are delicious and make healthy eating fun and enjoyable!

SL, Oxon

Nourish helped me to stay refuelled and raring to go as a new mum, it also helped me to train hard and know I could demand lots from my body but know it was being looked after from the inside out.

A seriously tasty, personalised and fresh service, which I am lucky to have so locally

CL, Oxon

In the six years that I have known Amanda she has been passionate about nutrition, and now at last has made it her career. She is insightful, creative, and has gained a great deal of knowledge especially over the last year. She comes from a background of managing her own dietary needs and is keen to share her knowledge and belief that those people with special dietary needn’t be limited on choice and flavour. She is an excellent cook too and is always giving me recipes and tips to try out. Her kind and gentle approach helps to empower those she meets, with encouragement and humour and I would not hesitate to recommend her expertise to those I work with. We are looking forward to working closely together in the near future for the benefit of those pregnant women who might like some added nutritional support.

SI, Oxon

Thank you so much for your consultation and food plan. Your recipes are delicious and the plan is so easy to follow. Not only am I now eating gluten and dairy free but also adapting the plan in the knowledge that I am nourishing my body. I feel great. Thank you so much

SN, Oxon

Having had various intolerances to different food groups for many years, and learning to adapt and cope, last year I found out that rather than just needing a gluten free diet, I was in fact intolerant to all grains. Also being a vegetarian did not help, restricting my choice even further. Sadly, I have never been inspired by cooking and found myself in a real low. Some of my favourite foods that I had come to rely on, such as rice and oats were out. I admit that for a while I felt defeated in knowing how to feed myself with tasty options, particularly at breakfast. On recommendation, I turned to Amanda for help. I found her assistance in recommending diet plans invaluable in those first few months, proving that actually there were plenty of easy to prepare options. It made such a difference and meal times are once again something to look forward to. Thanks to Amanda’s care and generous help, I have managed to kick start my new paleo diet. Thank you!

SM, Oxon