Here at Sandalwood & Sage, we offer a unique blend of healing that helps at a much deeper level than other methods which are regularly advertised.
Between us we combine ancient & modern techniques to work on healing the mind, body & spirit as one.  Quite often with others, sessions will only focus on certain issues in isolation, i.e. symptoms the body is showing or past emotional trauma etc.  By doing this, some relief is achieved but it’s like putting a sticking plaster on something.  You will feel some benefit but the underlying issues will still remain, and therefore complete healing will not happen.
Deep Healing
Together we will work with you to understand your past, through to where you are today, covering everything from emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. We will look at your current lifestyle including your diet, and from all of this we will assess where we feel the healing process needs to begin.
We will then devise a specific healing plan for you.
We meet with clients on a individual basis for intense healing therapy, and also run small healing therapy groups for up to 3 clients at a time over a series of weeks.
You can read some of our recent testimonials here.
Group Healing, Courses & Retreats
As well as our general healing work, we also arrange healing courses & retreats in Cornwall focusing on bringing balance into your life, removing negativity, & learning how to nourish the mind & body & reconnect with nature.
To be able to heal & bring balance to peoples lives, and reduce stress & negativity.  Using the power of nature & energy healing to nourish the mind & body in a relaxed, non-judgmental environment, and providing support & knowledge to then integrate into daily life.
Why Sandalwood & Sage?
We chose the name from the healing properties of Sandalwood & Sage.  Sandalwood is known to help with releasing the past and bringing balance into your life, and Sage is used to remove negativity.
Can you identify with any or even all of the following?
– Are you feeling stressed, run down, have too many demands on your life?
– Do you feel tired, lacking in energy, lost your purpose, carrying weight on your shoulders?
– Do you find it hard to switch off, get frustrated, angry or grumpy throughout the day?
– Have events in your past left a mark on you?  Do you wish you could release those feelings and find your true self again?
– Do you suffer from niggling health issues which may be attributed to stress on the body i.e. IBS, anxiety, digestive issues, non-mindful eating?
– Do you yearn for rest, replenishment, renewal & inspiration?
– Do you feel close to burning out or feel you have already?
How will a Sandalwood & Sage course or retreat benefit you?
– Escape & disconnect from your busy routine to a nurturing, non-judgmental environment in one of the most beautiful parts of the country
– Press the reset button and let go
– Benefit from the healing elements of nature near the coast
– Cornwall is well known for its spirituality and has many sacred sites.  Weather & time permitting we will include a visit to one during your retreat, allowing you to tune into the special energy & learn about how connection with them can help with healing
– Learn methods of releasing negativity
– Free yourself from technology
– Learn to use creativity to quieten the mind
– Embrace the power of the mind & how to create positive outcomes from negative situations
– Benefit from energy healing (Reiki, Shamanic, Crystals etc.) & learn techniques to help with self healing in your daily lives
– Experience how auditory stimulation & repercussive sounds can positively alter the brainwaves to be more receptive to relaxation
– Learn how to become more mindful
– Learn ways to increase your resilience to stressors in life, and how to focus on better self-care in a supportive setting
– Experience a unique blend of energy healing, creative exploration, connection & use of nature to learn how to take better control of your life & work balance after you go home
– Learn how focus & meditation in different guises can support you daily & bring balance
– Learn how to recognise when your body is giving you signals to slow down, contemplate, replenish & self-focus
– Join in learning about the effects of food on the mind & body, and enjoy delicious, nutritious plant based meals
– Open your mind to natural ways of healing and dealing with life/work balance
– Cultivate a healthy relationship with food & how to truly nourish your body
– Enjoy time & peace for personal reflection with guidance
– Discover the importance of gratitude & how to ground yourself
Appointments & Course/Retreat Bookings

Please contact us via the methods below to make an initial enquiry for an appointment.  We will be more than happy to have an initial FREE phone conversation with you, before arranging to meet.

We shall be running regular Sandalwood & Sage events at secret locations in Cornwall, and will post dates of these on the Events page and on the Facebook page.  However, we are also happy to arrange specific private group bookings i.e. friends, colleagues etc, and will be pleased to arrange convenient dates for you.

To book a place on one of our events, please go to the Events page, where you will find the latest dates and the relevant booking form to download & complete etc.

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Shamanic Healer/Practitioner & Energy Anatomy Healer at Healing Path
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