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Feta & Tomato Salad Ginger Shot Raw Cacao truffles

Nourish believes that a healthy body and mind begins from within. We are what we eat!

When we nourish ourselves with highly nutritious and delicious foods, it can help us to feel amazing and have more energy, as well as improving our general overall health.

Nourish does not believe in diets. There is no counting calories, just focus on an abundance of nutritious and delicious whole foods.

By adopting healthier, clean & wholesome eating habits, you will change your relationship with food, and not feel deprived or restricted. No more feeling guilty – you can also indulge in amazing naturally sweetened treats that are also nutritious and good for you.

Nourish can work with you to create a delicious bespoke eating plan that fits your lifestyle, daily commitments and your likes & dislikes.

Nourish really will help you to fall in love with food again, and to understand more about food, where it comes from and how you can work with your body to reach your goals.

Together we can make positive changes to your food choices, health and overall wellness.

Health & Happiness



Feeling the love!

Porthcurnick beach near Portscatho, Cornwall

Wow! I’m sitting here typing my first blog to all you lovely people, totally feeling the love since my website launched!

Many of you who have followed me on Facebook for a while, will know how passionate I am about what I do, and what an amazing journey I’ve had so far getting here.  My website needed to be an extension of me, and what I’ve already created, hence the time it took with my gorgeous friend Belinda to put it all together.

I was so excited when we agreed to push the “live” button, and I have so many amazing things to share with you.

As a typical mum though, juggling having recently moved house, and it being the school holidays, I’ve been dying to get in front of my laptop, but boxes needed unpacking, and trips to the beach have kept me rather occupied!

This is the start though, and I can’t wait to indulge you more….

Don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter, and thank you for finding me.

Have a lovely weekend!

Love Amanda x